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Metal Made Flesh / Super Robot Mayhem
So recently I been making de comics like what all de cool kids do. Since 2012 I've published 6 books, and had some stories in Heavy Metal and Stardust magazines.

Super Robot Mayhem

[Image: 5f06272f2282ac68bb6920eeec04786b_origina...1e636f2b51]

[Image: 0df7916ff6ba7735bd1fcfe932230378_origina...3141f47e02]

[Image: f735b0aabac4e28ba5b364848d00287b_origina...36666f654c]

Metal Made Flesh

[Image: bb37ea440ea1f9b18c53827bc3645717_origina...c607707a8d]

[Image: 6a18b513d782b739f1a397ae74760dd3_origina...cf2c3b6e03]

[Image: 6bd448fd6cdf03b3f9221497e7fdd5d1_origina...8a9ec5fc6e]
I've been following this through your facebook updates over the last few years and have been very impressed with your achievements. Brilliant work, and it seems like you've picked up loads of fans & recognition too.

Any related cosplay yet?
Been following you on Facebook as well. Seriously awesome work!!
Big Metal Made Flesh fan. Any more zombears planned ?
Cheers guys. We did get one zombear cosplayer at a con a few years back that was a major, unexpected thrill!

@dunproofin - Yup, season 2 is in the works, when I can pull Bakki away from her busy commission schedule..
Holy woah, you keep busy! I dig it

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